Asclepias syriaca – Milkweed

Often found in Midwest prairies, Milkweed is a large plant that provides food and shelter for Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Parts of it are also edible and were used by Native Americans.



Height & Spread: 2′-3′ x 1′-2′. May reach up to 6′.
Habit: Tall stalks with ovate light green leaves that may reach 8″ long, getting smaller toward the top.
Leaves: Ovate, light green, reddish veins,

Flowers: Umbel inflorescence in shades of lavender and pink, emerging in late spring through late summer.
Seeds/Fruits: Form pods (see image above) that break open to disperse downy seeds on the wind.
Culture: Easy to grow, can take high sun and dry soils. Readily self-seeds and spreads by rhizome – may become problematic.
Potential Issues: May become invasive. No major disease or insect issues.
Landscape Uses: Attracts butterflies, native areas, meadows, prairies. Seed pods are often dried and used in arrangements. Other Asclepias species are used in beds and borders.




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