Salvia officinalis – Sage

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Culinary sage (Salvia officinalis) is as lovely in the garden as it is in the kitchen. It comes in a few varieties, some in purples, bright greens, and more.

Height & Spread: 2′-2.5′ x 2′-2.5′
Habit: Shrubby with woody stems.
Leaves: Long oval blades, some with sharper tips. Variety of colors: grey-green, purple, bright yellow, variegated.
Flowers: Two-lipped purple flowers on spikes in June-July.

Seeds/Fruits: Not showy.
Culture: Full sun to dappled shade. Dry to medium soil.
Potential Issues: None serious, won’t tolerate wet soil.
Landscape Uses: Herb and kitchen gardens, perennial beds.



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